Services offered by our office:

  • revenue records (sales)
  • keeping the revenue and expense ledger
  • keeping the full range of commercial books
  • VAT register
  • fixed asstes register
  • construction VAT deductions
  • preparation of payrolls
  • keeping records of holidays and working time
  • preparation of settlements and tax and social security declarations
  • service of commision and specific-task contracts
  • preparation of financial statements
  • preparation of tax declarations and statistical reports
  • accounting for management purposes
  • reporting according to customer requirements
  • contact on behalf of the client with tax offices and the Social Insurance Institution
  • preparation and dispatch of requests for payment and interest notes
  • other work performed on behalf of the client related to bookkeeping
  • settlement of accounting and tax arrears
  • solving payroll problems as well as tax and social security settlements
  • preparation of work and remuneration regulations
  • OHS training for employees
  • residence and work permits for foreigners
  • PIT declarations for people working abroad (England, Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark and others)

How does our accounting office work?

It's very simple, you can carry out any order in a few steps. Here they are:

Sign the contract

From that moment on, we undertake all activities related to the financial and accounting side of your company.


You provide us with all collected documents within the agreed deadlines.

We work

We prepare and complete appropriate commercial registers, and on their basis we prepare appropriate declarations and reports.

We send

We send the prepared declarations to the tax office and Social Insurance Institution within the statutory deadlines. If necessary, we prepare documents for the Central Statistical Office, NBP, National Court Register and other offices.

We represent

We represent our clients before tax and administrative authorities. The accounting office takes care of all formalities in the event of a tax audit.

We advise

Do you have tax or accounting arrears? Have you not completed the formalities with Social Insurance Institution? Do you need help developing work regulations? Don't worry, our accounting office will do it for you.

Let's do it together!

Contact is the key - take the first step and reach out to us!
We are open to any questions and we will be happy to help you dispel any doubts.